Mobile Music Studio

Find chords That Work

Explore chords and discover related chords on the fly. Once you found a nice chord sequence, drag and drop chords into your song to build your composition upon it.
Starting with a Melody? Find Chords that match your notes.

 WRITE Beautiful Melodies

In the piano roll, notes that are in harmony as well as the chords' root notes are highlighted. This makes it super easy to create leads, arpeggios and basslines and to experiment with different chord voicings to let your chord progressions flowing nicely.

Intuitive Editing

A simple, yet feature rich and context-aware user interface helps you build up your ideas into whole songs:
Group sections into song parts and arrange them via drag and drop. 
Duplicate, copy and paste, playback selected notes.


Getting StarteD

This video playlist shows a basic songwriting workflow in Klimper